Rumor: Bruce Campbell to Play Mysterio in ‘Spider-Man 4′

Bruce Campbell has unveiled that he may have a bigger role in Spider-Man 4 than any of the minor roles he previously played in the first three films.

Apparently he’s been told he has a major part and, although he admits he knows nothing more than that, speculation is high that he might take on the role of Mysterio.

Mysterio is a villain who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #13. Since then Mysterio’s alter-ego has been played by three fictional characters: Quentin Beck, Daniel Beckhart and Francis Klum in that order. Of the three only Francis Klum was an actual super-villain, boasting the power of teleportation. Beck and Beckhart had no super powers but were capable of using hypnosis and technology to create illusions. Mysterio is thus known as the Master of Illusion.

Although the inclusion of Mysterio as a villain is unofficial at this time, it would certainly seem a fair speculation.  The character was Spider-Man’s secondary enemy in the video game based on Spider-Man 2 and at one point was rumored to be under consideration as the villain for Spider-Man 5.  I should also note that the character is an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D which may fit well with Marvel’s slate of upcoming crossover films including The Avengers and Nick Fury (that’s pure speculation on my part, but it does seem to fit).

Could Bruce Cambell snare the role? I truly hope so. Campbell’s roles in the first three Spider-Man film’s were all minor, although one could argue they were minor roles with major impact.  For instance, his character gave Spider-Man his name in the first film. I can see Campbell as Mysterio and think it’s about time his fan-tickling presence in the Spider-Man franchise was expanded to be a major one with major impact.

We’ll probably find out soon enough because the source of this news, Access Hollywood, are also reporting shooting on Spider-Man 4 will be starting in January 2010.

Spider-Man 4 will be released in theaters May 6, 2011.

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