The American Thriller Film ‘Prisoners’ Finally Comes to Netflix

Want something old but not so old to watch this week? Here’s one for you. After almost a decade, the thriller movie Prisoners showcasing an ensemble cast finally comes to Netflix.

What is Prisoners About?

You might have watched the film when it premiered but are looking to refresh your memory. Watch the YouTube trailer below:

Well, the 2013 thriller movie, set in Pennsylvania, features every parents’ worst nightmare as Birch and Dover families’ daughters Joy Birch and Anna Dover go missing after a joyful Thanksgiving dinner.

The first suspect, an RV driver Alex Jones who had parked on the families’ street, gets arrested by Detective Loki but later released due to lack of evidence against him.

Keller Dover, Anna’s father, gets desperate and decides to take matters into his own hands to find his missing daughter. In the process, he sort of losses his mind, begging the question, when does one cross the line between seeking justice and becoming a criminal?


Directed by Denis Villeneuve from a screenplay composed by Aaron Guzikowski, Prisoners features a wide cast of A-listers, including Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, Terrence Howard as Franklin Birch, Maria Bello as Grace Dover, Viola Davis as Nancy Birch, Erin Gerasimovich as Anna Dover, Kyla-Drew as Joy Birch, Dylan Minnette as Ralph Dover and Zoë Soul as Eliza Birch.

Aside from the Dover and Birch families, other roles in the film include Detective Loki portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, Alex Jones played by Paul Dano, Holly Jones by Melissa Leo, Dunn by Len Cariou, Bob Taylor by David Dastmalchian, Officer Carter by Brad James, Officer Wedge by Anthony Reynolds, Mrs Milland by Sandra Ellis Lafferty and Forensics specialist by Robert C. Treveiler.

Critical Response

The movie received an above-average score of 70% on Metacritic, indicating favorable reviews from 53 critics. It obtained an 81% rating on the Tomatometer and an 8.1/10 score on IMDb.

Hey, it wouldn’t hurt to watch the film again on Netflix.

Written by Sarah Moore

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