The CW’s ‘The Flash’ Season 7: Expected Plot, Release Date, and Trailer

What a pleasant not-so surprise this is! Who would’ve thought that The CW’s longest-running superhero series, The Flash, would return to the screens in such a short time? Considering their sixth season was cut short because of the pandemic and the inevitable shutdown of productions, you’d think that The CW would wrap up the series more carefully––giving more time for the seventh season to go under production.

But alas, we are here––and absolutely no one is complaining. Returning in March of 2021, fans of the superhero series finally have a first look. To no one’s surprise at all, the trailer zooms in on the unanswered questions, the dangling storylines from last year’s season. Ah, yes, the joys of knowing your favorite series is coming back.

In this section of the article, please be careful. SPOILER ALERT! 

If you’ve finished the sixth season, then you’re more than welcome to read the rest of the article. As fans, like you, are more than aware of by now, the sixth season of the show concluded with a ton of holes in the plot––a normal scene for the series, unfortunately. Iris (Candice Patton) is still inside the Mirrorverse and Barry (Grant Gustin) is doing his best to figure out some way to reach her. However, Barry’s super-speed (of course, he’s the Flash) is hanging on a thread because of the damage to the Speed Force.

Obviously, the old problems are still unresolved and are very perseverant, to say the least. This season, however, we’re finally on the verge of wrapping these stories up––filling up the holes fans have been screaming about. With that many problems in one season, you’d expect tons of fans to create theories and this could be the moment they prove themselves worthy of becoming a theorist.

The first trailer of the seventh season of The Flash already has some lingering answers to the questions. The genius he is, Barry figures out a way to access the Mirrorverse and finally rescue Iris. The only thing is he has to use every last drop of his Speed Force to achieve it. A whole new season comes a whole new level of power––we like it. This is the first trailer, though, and if we’re kicking off teasers with this discovery, would it be odd to think that Barry might just figure out a way to refill or repair his lightnigh-speed? What are the chances of him creating or discovering an alt-Force?

Doesn’t seem too farfetched now, does it? Season 7’s stories don’t end there, however, as The CW is looking to wrap up the Mirrorverse story quickly since it is last season’s storyline to make room for another story. The other story, unfortunately, revolves around Jon Cor’s Chillblaine, The Flash‘s new baddie. Some people might recognize Cor from playing Hodge Starkweather from Shadowhunters. If not, then you’re lucky to be introduced to such a talent.

Cor will be playing the cryogenic scientist in Mark Stevens who’s also known as Chillblaine. This big bad will be causing all kinds of problems for Team Flash as he flaunts and uses his literally-freezing weapons. Let’s see what The CW and The Flash have to offer, especially after having Captain Cold, played by Wentworth Miller, during the earlier parts of the series––how will this ice-cold enemy stand out?

The seventh season of The Flash will be coming to your doorstep on the 2nd of March, 2021, on The CW. After being delayed a week for it not to coincide with the new series in Superman & LoisThe Flash is looking to have a special entrance of its own.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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