Chris Pratt’s Sci-Fi Film ‘The Tomorrow War’ Finding the Right Streaming Suitor

Here’s a sci-fi film you never thought you needed to see until today: The Tomorrow War starring and executively produced by Chris Pratt alongside Paramount and Skydance. Over the weekend, the film was screened to all of the major streamers. Though Paramount is the bigger name, Skydance is the one selling the movie.

The sci-fi movie follows a man chosen to fight in a war of the future that relies on his confrontation of the past as strength. Written by Zach Dean, The Tomorrow War is highly being considered to seek for better avenues during the pandemic and what seems to be the decision that makes the most sense. If the virus was outside of the equation, the film would’ve been released in theatres immediately. Originally, the film has a theatrical date of the 23rd of July, 2021.

Can’t blame Paramount as they’ve seen their projects in series and films head to numerous streamers. Come to think of it, it’s already become a part of the industry since the pandemic––and much has to do with film financiers who have to make business during a global crisis where 60% of all U.S. and Canadian theaters are closed.

Take, for example, the recent Warner Bros. masterpiece in Wonder Woman 1984. The film opened to $16.7 million over the Christman weekend and grew exponentially bigger overtime. The first Wonder Woman movie saw success, and many were awaiting the sequel; then partner that with the absence of theaters and voilà, the best move to make is to premiere it on HBO Max––and it worked.

Hopefully, the same goes for The Tomorrow War. Seeing Chris Pratt on the big screen and outside of the Avengers will be some experience.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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