Netflix’s New Sci-Fi Comedy Bigbug: Release Date and Official Trailer

A new sci-fi comedy film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet is cooking. The movie Bigbug is set to debut on Netflix on February 11 2022.

The film depicts a world where artificial intelligence is available to everyone, making people depend on androids for the simplest chores.


Netflix released the movie’s trailer a couple of weeks ago, adored with the description, “A groups of bickering suburbanites find themselves stuck together when an android uprising causes their well-intentioned household robots to lock them in for their own safety.” Watch the trailer video below:


Bigbug is set in 2045 when technology is so advanced that mankind can fulfil its innermost desires. But four household bots shockingly take their own owners’ hostage in a peaceful suburban home. The home imprisonment forces an estranged family, a noisy neighbour and an entrepreneurial sex robot under one roof.

Meanwhile, in Yonyx, a new generation of androids are attempting to take siege. However, the oblivious humans are caught up with feuding with each other in front of their bewildered house robots.

Bigbug’s Cast

The sci-fi satire film will see several cast members in main roles including Elsa Zylberstein, Dominique Pinon, Alban Lenoir, André Dussollier, Claude Perron, Isabelle Nanty, Youssef Hajdi, Claire Chust, François Levantal, Stéphane De Groodt, Guy Donald Koukissa and Sebastien Gill.


Bigbug is produced by Netflix Production Executive Jasmin Torbati joined by Frédéric Doniguian and Richard Grandpierre. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant own its writing credits.

Written by Sarah Moore

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