15 Best Comedy Series on Netflix

Comedy is beautiful because apart from making us laugh, it also relieves stress and tension. A lot of the best shows on TV have been comedic, and there are indeed a lot of legendary sitcoms.
With new technology, however, you do not have to wait for a particular time on TV to get your favourite show. And even if you are just searching for a new show to watch to relieve some stress, you can quickly get something to watch.

So we have compiled a list of 15 of the best comedy shows on Netflix, that will make you laugh and calm your nerves. Dive in!

15. Never Have I Ever

Hilarious show about a nerdy teen who is just beginning sophomore year, and determined to lose her virginity before college. But not only does she want to lose her virginity; she wants to lose it to the hottest guy in school. A real challenge because she first has to get him to notice her and like her, but she is statistically more likely to be hit by a meteor. To get what she wants, she tries new things, do they work? You should find out. Oh, she also has a therapist, and their conversations are, well, interesting. Really interesting.

14. The End of the F***ing World

This is not your regular comedy show, it is a lot darker, and the humour is very British. It is still absolutely funny though, and could perhaps even pass-off as a romantic comedy. An antisocial boy who thinks he is a psychopath because he mostly does not feel anything. He also believes for him to feel any emotion, he would have to kill someone else.

He meets a new girl at school, who wants to hang out with him, he agrees just so he could kill her after some time. But before he gets the chance to kill her, she asks him to run away with her and nothing is the same after that. They do get quite the adventure.

13. Dear White People

A poster for the show actually reads: “Dear White People, Bet You Think This Show’s About You Too”. I am pretty sure you can guess some of the main themes in this show already. This was really fun to watch. So what is it about?

The show mostly focuses on issues within the black community, and then its relationship with white people, within a college setting. So almost all of the characters are college students. There are instances where it tries to educate about issues like microaggressions. It however widely deals with topics like interracial relationships, colourism, inferiority complex. It is educative and entertaining.

12. F is for Family

Bill Burr!!! This might not be popular opinion but, I think Bill Burr is a comedic genius. If you do not know who Bill Burr is, definitely one of the reasons you should check out F is for Family.

As society has evolved, the role or status of the father within families has also changed. However, in 1970s America, things in the middle-class Murphy family are still pretty, let’s say traditional. Frank Murphy is a regular dad, dealing with his wife who has just gotten a job, and three children who he tries to raise in what he believes is the right way, while also dealing with problems at work.

11. GLOW

GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Set in the 80s, Ruth is an aspiring actress and is not satisfied with all of the roles she is auditioning for because a lot of the relevant characters are played by men.

This is until she gets a call informing her about an audition, looking for unconventional women to play some roles. She shows up for the audition and meets Sam, a director who is looking for women to perform as wrestlers for a show he intends to put on. Ruth does the audition, gets a part, and gets to meet other interesting women. This show is about girl power, it has really cool 80s costumes, and is really funny. It is perfect.

10. Friends

If you have not seen friends yet, why???! This is literally a comedy classic and, it is now on Netflix! An American sitcom which follows a group of six friends, who try to go through the hurdles of life together. With some good jokes, and even more hilarious characters, Friends will probably be one of the funniest for all time. And with amazing actors like Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer, it has stolen a lot of hearts. You would probably love it too.

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was Will Smith’s first job acting, and he did a pretty fabulous job! Playing himself, Will on the show is born and raised in Philadelphia.

His mother, fearing for his life after he gets into a fight with some members of a gang, sends him away to live with his Uncle and Aunt in Bel-Air. Life in Bel-Air is very different from Philadelphia, as his Uncle Phil is a Judge and has a pretty comfortable lifestyle. A lot of the fun in the show comes from how Will’s life is in contrast to his cousins, and the jokes he makes about them.

8. The Good Place

Kristen Bell stars in this brilliant comedy show about a saleswoman who dies wakes up in The Good Place. When she wakes up, she finds out that she is actually dead in real life and the good place is like heaven, but it is not heaven because there is no heaven (according to the show), only the good place and the bad place.

The Good Place is meant for people who did a lot of good deeds in their lifetime. The only problem is, Eleanor wasn’t a good person. So what happened? She finds out that someone had made a mistake and confused her for someone else, which is why she woke up in the good place. Now to ensure she stays in the good place, Eleanor has to make sure the mistake remains a secret.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With Andy Samberg leading such a brilliant cast, I have no doubts you are absolutely going to love this one. Jake is the best detective in the Brooklyn Police Precinct Nine-Nine is really good at solving cases, the only problem is, he acts like a toddler all the time.

When a new Captain arrives at the precinct, he is determined to toughen up the officers of the precinct and make it the best one in the city. Jake is sure the new captain is going to be a strict and boring, he is however still very determined to make sure the team continues to catch bad guys in style.

6. BoJack Horseman

Eighteen years after his popular and award-winning show, Horsin’ Around, has been cancelled, BoJack a humanoid horse (yeah, in this world, we have anthropomorphic animal-people), comes to realize that he has not really done anything in all that time. Well, he has been drinking a lot, but nothing constructive, because he hates his life now and is really miserable.

After a while, BoJack decides to write a book about his life. But he also cannot get that done before the deadline. His publisher recommends a ghost-writer, with whom he forms a strong connection. He also eventually tries to improve his relationship with his roommate, on and off girlfriend, and rival, while trying to become a better person. What is really funny about this show is all the Hollywood satire, and how BoJack deals with his depression.

5. Big Mouth

Moving on to one of my personal favourites, Big Mouth! If you are wondering why it is called that, as I was when I first heard of it, the show’s creator; Nick Kroll, says he has always had a big mouth literally. Also, since the show was about his real experiences, it seemed appropriate. And on the other hand, there is also a lot of shit-talking on the show. Hilariously, all the characters are portrayed with big mouths too.

The show is about a teenager; Nick Birch, and his best-friend; Andrew Glouberman who are just beginning to experience puberty, along with other students in their class. It all happens for them at different rates though, for instance, while Glouberman already has a moustache, Birch is yet to grow his first pube. And with characters voiced by comedians like John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele, Big Mouth is one of the best.

4. Sex Education

Otis is an unpopular and mostly gawky teen at school, who is not focused on sex. He thinks something is wrong with him because sex is all his agemates and schoolmates think about. His mother, who is a sex therapist, also thinks something might be wrong with him. His best friend, Eric, is convinced they need to take the beginning of a new school year as an opportunity to move up the social ladder. Maeve, a hot and smart classmate of Otis’, then asks him to provide sexual therapy for students, with all the knowledge he must have gotten from his mother. Maeve would handle the business (booking appointments, taking payments, etc.), while Otis did the therapy. The show also provides a lot of sex education this way, tackling a lot of sex-related issues.

3. Grace and Frankie

Starring Lily Tomlin and James Fonda, Grace and Frankie is about two women in their late 70s, who have their lives turned upside down after their husbands come out as gay, and get married to each other.

The two women go on to form a bond with each other, each trying to help the other come to terms with their new reality, and finding new things to do. Going through an experience like that, with all the changes, could be really heart-breaking. There is Shock, Denial, Confusion, and them wondering who to spend the rest of their lives with.

2. Orange Is The New Black

Based on a true story, the life of an upper-middle-class woman, Piper Chapman, changes drastically, after her ex-girlfriend (who runs an international drug-smuggling ring) confesses that 10 years ago, Piper helped her transport a luggage bag full of drug money.

Piper is then sentenced to fifteen years in a women’s prison. While the lifestyle shift is really drastic and exposes her to very different realities, she also has to cope with other inmates who pick on her, since she obviously is not from that world. Her relationship outside prison is also falling apart. Eventually, prison really changes her.

1. Chappelle’s Show

The number one pick!!! What is funnier than the funniest comedian alive having his own show? Nothing. And the Chappelle Show is now on Netflix!!!
Originally airing in 2003 on Comedy Central, it lasted two seasons with Dave Chappelle hosting. With Chappelle doing some stand-up comedy and then showing some previously taped sketches (some of these sketches are legendary by the way).

The show is now on Netflix so go see it, it’s the best.

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