Does Naruto Die in Boruto? Here’s All You Need to Know

It would be a fatal feeling for Naruto fans to see their favorite anime character getting succumbed by stronger forces in the story of Boruto. But as of this writing, the death of Naruto is quite speculative, yet. Meaning, let’s not close doors to the possibility of seeing our main protagonist bid goodbye to the episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Notice that in the later series, Naruto gradually loses his nine-tail fox as a consequence of his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Well, that may imply  a potential end to Naruto’s supremacy but as to when and where, no one knows. For now, let’s delve into these theories about  Naruto’s possible death:

Naruto is not actually the protagonist

Most often, plot favors the protagonist. You would usually see them struggling at the middle of the story but they sure end up championing the strongest forces on their way. Naruto, in this case, does not play the main character but just a supporting character to Boruto.

Therefore, the main spotlight will go to Boruto who is now playing the next generation of Naruto. And the plot won’t give us a guarantee that Naruto will survive the struggles underway. Certainly, his possible demise might create a ripple effect to the plot of Boruto.

Naruto isn’t detached from being a mortal

One fun fact about Naruto is that, although he seemed to play a powerful character, it cannot be denied that at times, he is not indestructible.

He lost the power of nine-tails in the story of Boruto, making him vulnerable to any strong force that he might bump on his way. It is not wild guess to say that Naruto losing his main source of power could make him a more fragile character as the story progresses.

Kishimoto may consider eliminating Naruto’s character

A theory that we can’t afford to overlook is the fact that Kishimoto, being a pro-player of emotions, won’t allow a story to go stagnant. So, it won’t be a shock if he’ll consider killing the character of Naruto.

Kishimoto knows how to deal with the emotions of viewers and audience and who knows, he may give us a storyline where Naruto isn’t as valuable as the old plot.

The total devastation of Konoha

As shown in the series’ time skip prologue, we find the whole village got totally wiped out including the demolition of the great Hokage stone faces. A thing that will not happen if Naruto is alive because he Konoha has a soft spot to his character. And so,he will exhaust all ways to protect the village. This implies that the loss of Konoha is also the loss of Naruto.

Now that we have set these theories in mind, let us also give answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Naruto’s possible demise:

Did Ishhiki slay Naruto?

Naruto has to pass through the hole of a needle to slay Ishhiki. He is a tough battle to win but because of the Baryon Mode (which was a result of the death of the nine-tails) he gained the greatest technique to use the power of the six-path sage.

Baryon mode allows the user to level-up his strength, reflex, speed and it drains the enemy’s energy in every hit. Naruto may be unfortunate in some of the plot but the twists in the story gives his character a prolonged presence.

What’s next with Naruto after losing Kurama?

Naruto still hold the character of a god-tier even if he lost the power of the nine-tails. He still has access to the sage mode, the sixth path chakra, and the chakra to other tailed beast, so to speak. Though it will take time for Naruto to learn how to fight without Kurama, it is still possible for his character to thrive, knowing that he has a never-give-up- kind of personality.

Theoretically, he will have a massive level up in his power and who knows, his being innovative would allow him to explore more powers that have been buried in him for so long.

The absence of Kurama in the scene may be detrimental to Naruto’s character, but for sure, he will rise from these downside story plots.

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