‘Fringe’ Dominates Tuesday’s, So Fox Moves It To Thursday’s

Fringe has consistently dominated the ratings on Tuesday nights, but just as they hurt Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles by playing around with its timeslot, now Fox plan to do the same with Fringe.

Fox have announced they will be moving Fringe to Thursday nights, pitting it against TV’s biggest shows.  When it returns it will air on Thursday’s at 9pm against ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, NBC’s The Office, and CBS’s CSI.

For Fringe this is a double whammy because not only does it add to the show’s competition but it also takes away valuable lead-in viewers that trail off both American Idol and House.

It’s almost a given that Fringe’s ratings will now drop. The only question will be by how much.

“The door is more open on this night than it has been in a long time,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said. “Fringe is a real alternative to both [‘Grey’s‘ and ‘CSI‘].”

And Hulu is a real alternative to Fox.

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