HBO Max’s First Mexican TV Show, ‘Búnker’, Drops Tomorrow

HBO Max finally launches a Latin America TV show called Búnker on Thursday 27 2022. This is part of the streamer’s strategy to expand to 39 regions across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Early last year, WarnerMedia Latin America disclosed its plan to produce the first two Latin American content: Mexico’s Búnker and Días de Gallos. The latter already premiered on September 16 last year on the streaming platform.

Búnker follows a middle-aged father Vladimiro who after losing the respect of his wife and children, decides to stick it out on an old bunker in his house’s basement. However, his solace is tarnished after he establishes connections with Korean and Russian scientists. With a running time of 30 minutes for each episode, Búnker offers action and fun as Vladimiro experiences mishaps after mishaps.

The eight-episode dark comedy series features talented Latina actors including Bruno Bichir who plays Vladimiro, Miguel Rodarte as Napoleón, Paulette Hernandez as Eleonora Smith, Liz Gallardo as Maya, Gisselle Kuri as Bruna, Damayanti Quintanar as Santacruz, Jesús Zavala as Osiris, Verónica Bravo as Terapeuta, Juan Pablo de Santiago as Oscar and Claudette Maillé as Amparo.

Other cast members include Victor Oliveira as Oleg, Latin Lover as Ronald, Ricardo Polanco as Casper, Alfonso Borbolla as Aguirre, Christina Michaus as Madre de Vladimiro, Mario Alberto Monroy as Cólera, Fernando Cuautle as Panda 3 and Andrian Vazquez as El Costra.

The show’s trailer dropped on December 7 2021. Don’t let the fact that it’s in Spanish keep you from enjoying what might be your next favorite non-English language TV show on HBO Max. Watch the trailer below:

The series is directed by Joe Rendón, while Argentinian author and screenwriter Esteban Seimandi is the showrunner.

Written by Sarah Moore

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