Lupin Season 4 : Release Date, Assane’s Future and Everything We Know About the Series

Its third season has just premiered on Netflix, but we all know what happens with Lupin: the series starring Omar Sy is so absolutely addictive that its seven episodes – two more than the previous ones, which is appreciated – have probably been devoured by fans in the weekend it has been available in the catalog.

The team led by showrunner George Kay has a kind of gift ending each chapter so that the viewer cannot resist pressing the “keep watching” button, but without it being gratuitous: They always maintain their quality standards intact. And now they have achieved it again, as expected, in their season 3, which is especially challenging because now, for the first time since we met Assane Diop, the tide has turned.


France’s most wanted thief stopped being anonymous at the end of Lupin’s season 2 and that’s how the third begins, with Assane being a mass idol and his next heist a matter of national interest. Now that the protagonist is no longer anonymous, the heists have become increasingly difficult, but it has not surprised us to know that there is nothing that Assane cannot overcome. At the same time, the third installment has explored more in depth a new villain and the family dynamics of the character, who has to deal with the distance from his wife and son and with the surprise reappearance of a mother who abandoned him when he was little.

After Lupin’s season 3, it’s time to think about the future of the Netflix series. Take note below of everything we know about season 4.

Will ‘Lupin’ Be Renewed For Season 4?

Netflix has not yet officially confirmed the order for a fourth season, but it seems quite safe that the series has a future ahead on the streaming platform.

Although its success was unexpected at the time, Lupin is now one of the platform’s most popular and best-received series, so it seems difficult to think that its ending could come abruptly. And season 3 ends with the clear intention of continuing.

“We just finished the third season, so now we’ll have to see what happens next,” showrunner George Kay said in an interview with SensaCine on the occasion of the season 3 premiere. “So we haven’t written it [season 4] yet.”

When Will Season 4 of ‘Lupin’ Premiere?

Since the series has not yet been renewed, it is too early to know when season 4 will premiere, if there is one.

However, since the debut of the series in 2021, Lupin has maintained a good production pace, so we could expect that, if there is good news regarding the renewal and work starts soon, we could have new episodes by late 2024 or, at the latest, early 2025.

However, for now these are just speculations.

Who’s Returning and Who’s Not for Lupin’s Season 4?

One thing is for sure: If there is a season 4 of Lupin, it will be with Omar Sy returning as Assane Diop.

The creator of the series George Kay makes it clear that without the lead actor the series would make no sense and that only as long as Omar Sy is Assane, Lupin will continue: “Omar is an integral part of the series. We built a series around Omar. We built a series around Assane Diop. In terms of Lupin on Netflix, without Omar there is no Lupin and I would never change that,” he asserted in his interview with SensaCine.

As for the rest of the cast, we can expect both returns and new additions – as yet unannounced, of course – as in the rest of its previous installments.

In season 4 we hope to see Raoul (Etan Simon) again, who is rumored to one day take over from his father, his ex-wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier), Assane’s mother (Naky Sy Savane) and his best friend Benjamin (Antoine Gouy), as well as the lead police officers – Detective Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab) and Lt. Sofia (Shirine Boutella) – and Hubert Pellegrini (Herv√© Pierre), who reappeared at the end of the season.

Likewise, we can expect more flashbacks to Assane’s past, so we can count on the actors who play the characters in their younger versions.

What Future Awaits Assane Diop in Lupin’s Season 4?

As it has us accustomed, Lupin ended with a great cliffhanger at the end of season 3, so we can expect season 4 to pick up the action from that point on.

The revelation about Pellegrini, in the same prison as Assane, has brought back the main villain of the first two installments and surely it has not been in vain. Also, we are already fantasizing about that epic escape that only Assane would be capable of and in which, why not? Pellegrini himself could play a role.

On the other hand, if Assane ends up free again, we can expect to see him again doing what he does best: providing us with the best stories.

For now these are just speculations, as no details are known about George Kay’s plans for the new episodes. However, according to Digital Spy, the creator has acknowledged that he does not rule out a crossover between Sherlock Holmes and Assane at some point, given that Lupin and Sherlock met on paper: “To be honest, there has been [discussion]”, he told Radio Times. “There are some ideas circulating around that, which I have and I’m really interested in exploring”.

Now it’s up to Netflix to make a move. And we hope they do it soon.

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