‘Mieruko-Chan,’ a manga-turned-anime is set to premier on October

There are a lot of scary anime out there, but none quite like Mieruko-chan, which is due out soon. The anime features a high school student who can see and hear undead spirits, and is based on the same-named manga from 2018. This may appear to be the makings of a straightforward spooky anime, but Mieruko-chan is far from that.

The anime is based on Tomoki Izumi’s manga, which has been published by Kadokawa Shoten since 2018. The English releases are handled by Yen Press, with virtually all five of the currently available volumes being issued in English. The anime was revealed earlier this year, and its release date has been set for October, presumably to capitalize on the series’ horror-comedy theme. However, given that the manga is still ongoing, the anime is unlikely to have a conclusive finale.

One intriguing aspect about Mieruko-chan is that the often terrifying ghosts don’t always arrive in the same way. This completely transforms the situation and makes it harder to deduce a ghost’s intentions. Malevolent spirits can appear more benign and human, although the most horrific ghosts in the series merely seek assistance or conversation. If she’s out in public and doesn’t want to draw attention to herself or the ghost, this is exacerbated.

As a result, the series is more of a comic slice-of-life with spooky undertones than a constantly frightening one, but the tale does occasionally go into truly terrifying terrain. However, Mieruko-chan’s taming of the terrifying and, in some cases, outright rejection of it helps the anime maintain its own distinct place in the horror-comedy genre, and the anime will likely do the same in a few months.

The characters of Mieruko-chan will be brought to life by voice performers Sora Amamiya (Rent-A-Girlfriend), Kaede Hondo (Zombieland Saga), and Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia). As the audience watches events unfold through Miko’s perspective, Mieruko- chan’s realistic approach to the supernatural is also where the majority of the humor rests. Everyone else in the story is completely unaware of the monsters, so Miko must do everything she can to keep her friends and family safe.

This horror-comedy anime will premier some time in October, so prepare for a spook-tacular anime action!

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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