‘Mr. Mercedes’ Finds Home in NBC’s Peacock: Release Date, Plot, and Cast

The day has finally come. Everybody, make way for the newest addition to the Peacock family: the third season of pure American crime drama, Mr. Mercedes! It’s about time Peacock made moves to prove its place in the streaming industry––especially in this particular category of fiction.

The third and, unfortunately, the final season of the Stephen King adaptation will officially be premiering on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, on the 4th of March, 2021. King, himself, said it best––heading to Twitter to share the “good news” of the third season, saying:

There’s absolutely no way you don’t love Stephen King. Oh, and, if he says the third season is the best––you better damn well understand that the third season is what we’re waiting for.

Either way, as per King, the man you should be looking out for is Bruce Dern. Considering he’s a two-time Oscar nominee, maybe it is time for people to tell him that “he’s great!” Playing the role of John Rothstein (a very famous author who was murdered), his unpublished works worth millions of dollars are stolen from his home. Solving the mystery are Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson), Holly Gibney (Justine Lupe), and Jerome Robinson (Jharrel Jerome). Solving the crime isn’t as easy as it looks, however, as the further the trio gets into solving the murder alongside local law enforcement, they discover that despite the absence of Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway), or most commonly known as Mr. Mercedes himself, his presence is still felt––maybe even two-fold.

If you want a more curated synopsis, here’s something from the source itself:

When beloved local author John Rothstein is found murdered, Hodges, Holly, and Jerome, along with local police, must track down his killer. But this case is more complex than the cold-blooded killing of an American icon. Unpublished novels of Rothstein’s were stolen from his home, and they are worth millions. As the case unfolds, the trio learns that although Brady may be gone, his depravity lives on in the lives of his victims.

While Bruce Dern, Brendan Gleeson, Justine Lupe, Jharrel Jerome, and Harry Treadaway are all magnificent talents, their co-stars in Breeda Wool, Holland Taylor, Kate Mulgrew, Gabriel Ebert, Maximiliano Hernández, Rarmian Newton, Josh Daugherty, Claire Bronson, Brett Gelman, Glynn Turman, Natalie Paul, Patch Darragh, and Meg Steedle are just as talented––making for a great series overall.

Directed by Under the Dome and Game of Thrones‘ Jack Bender, he was joined in Mr. Mercedes by Ally McBeal and Lake Placid‘s very own David E. Kelley as the developer. Stephen King and Boston Legal‘s Jonathan Shapiro join them as producers of the third season of the series.

I would like people to know that it may be our best season yet,” director Bender said in an interview in 2019. “The new actors who are in the show are superlative. I feel proud, like we’ve pulled off every episode, and yet at the same time, I think this one will not be a disappointment. I think people will love it,” he stated.

If Stephen King and Jack Bender said that this is the best season of them all, then NBC’s Peacock got themselves a diamond in the rough––which isn’t really “a rough” at all considering King and the cast members. Either way, the first two seasons of Mr. Mercedes are available for your enjoyment on Peacock!

Written by Dave Cunningham

Raised and born in West London. Dave is currently studying BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Netflix favourites: You, Stranger Things, Ozark & Virgin River.

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