Netflix Places Order For Political Drama TV Show ‘The Diplomat’

Can you believe it? Netflix is eyeing Debora Cahn’s political thriller drama show. The order is long-term for an eight-episodes 50- minute show.

“What a joy to work with Netflix! Much gratitude to Sahar, Seb, Tara and Jinny for being such creative partners; a mere idea is starting to take a TV Show look. I’m so lucky!” Cahn speaks.

Over time, Netflix has succeeded in political shows, with its best performing House of Cards. It also took over Designated Survivor, a political drama through its last season after being cancelled by ABC.

What’s about The Diplomat

Amidst an international crisis, a career diplomat secures a prominent position she is ill-suited for, which strongly affects her political future and marriage life.

Janice Williams is the executive producer, and Cahn is also the creator.

To Our Knowledge So Far

Straight from the headlines- the series’ filming is set to commence in March 2022 for an unknown period. The filming will primarily happen in London, England. We vow to keep you updated on this fore series.

The Diplomat Plot

The lead, Kate, is the rising political star following in her husband’s footsteps. While Kate’s name is shining bright in the government, her husband’s political era dwindles slightly.

The differences infuse a misunderstanding in their marriage as Kate receives all the attention her husband has been craving. What’s next now? Stay with us for all the answers.

As for now, the cast for The Diplomat has not been revealed yet. Stay tuned to Sci-fi scoop for the latest news regarding the show.

Written by Sarah Moore

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