‘On My Block’, a coming-of-age series will be bidding farewell as it approaches its final season

Since the renewal of the 4th season of On My Block last January, fans have been very eager to know when this hit coming-of-age series will release its finale. If you haven’t seen this series, I suggest you do so. It has been tagged as one of the most underrated shows in Netflix because of its captivating story and the creative cinematography.

Netflix’s hit show On My Block has been a surprise hit. On the aggregate site RottenTomatoes, the series has a 95 percent critics’ rating and a 91 percent viewer rating.  So since you’re here to know when will the final season be released, here are the details.

All About ‘On My Block’ and its 4th season production

Four bright, humorous, and streetwise teenagers find their long-standing friendship put to the test as they attend high school in a harsh inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood.

Season 3 of On My Block threw everything into disarray for the main protagonists. In television shows, time jumps are a common occurrence. Nonetheless, they usually occur at the opening of a new season. The season 3 finale this time takes place two years in the future, and the four individuals we know and love have all gone their separate ways. We do know, though, that Jamal and Ruby aren’t getting along. Monsé devotes her time and attention to another club at the life experience school where she enrolls, while Cesar appears to have joined the Santos crew. It’s a lot to take in, but whenever the show returns to Netflix, fans can be assured that everything will be revealed.

What could possibly be the reason for stopping the show at a 4th season?

The show’s escalating expenses are one of the most publicly known reasons for its likely demise. Following a public battle for a raise, the show’s core actors have saw their pay rise from $200k per episode in seasons one and two to $850k per episode in season four. The figure would have grown to $1 million if the show had been extended for a fifth season.

The show is now on its post-production state after it has finished filming last June 6th. There hasn’t been any announcement regarding the show’s season premier, but we will keep you updated about any news from Netflix.

Written by Dave Cunningham

Raised and born in West London. Dave is currently studying BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Netflix favourites: You, Stranger Things, Ozark & Virgin River.

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