‘Out of Death’ is a new Bruce Willis flick and you should watch it

In this straight-to-digital-oblivion crime thriller, Bruce Willis is plodding through the motions, one of those odd films that actually begins with a sort of quasi-trailer, mood-montage of the film’s most thrilling sections before the opening credits, involving characters that have yet to be described. The film squanders a couple of good plot concepts and ends up being a clumsy ode to the concept of open-carry gun ownership.

Out of Death Plot and other Details

Mike Burns, who also composed the score for the film, has directed his debut feature picture, the criminal thriller Out of Death. A corrupt Sheriff’s department in a small mountain hamlet comes crashing down when an unsuspected witness (Jaime King) throws a wrench in their dirty operation. “Justice is a moving target” for Willis and King as they take on a little cop shop that is set to have their profitable side business exposed.

This is an independent offering that is nothing unique, thrilling, or memorable to say the least. It is a tiny scale action-thriller set in the woodlands of middle-America with an awfully distracting dreary, near-Sepia haze across the lens.  Willis plays retired Philadelphia officer Jack Harris, who has just lost his wife to cancer and has gone to his niece Pam’s (Kelly Grayson) secluded mountain cottage to grieve. While wandering quietly in the woods, Jack comes into a horrific situation: a corrupt cop, Billie Jean (Lala Kent), is going to execute a hiker, Shannon (Jaime King), for witnessing her performing secret drug sales in this lonely forest. Jack draws his own weapon and narrowly escapes with Shannon; nevertheless, they must now flee a network of vicious, unscrupulous cops and their diabolical boss, who is running for mayor.

Out of Death is not available on any of the subscription streaming services. Until then, the film is available to watch on Google Play, Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Video, and Vudu as a VOD release.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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