‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Season 2: Renewal, Release Date, and What to Expect

Despite the long waiting time for Pacific Rim: The Black‘s first season, it didn’t take too long for it to be renewed for a second season. Around the world, fans have sought to it that they watch the anime series. Now, these are the same fans that are rejoicing for the renewal––and we’re here to let you know everything you need to know about the upcoming second season.

What is Pacific Rim: The Black all about?

Pacific Rim: The Black is a Netflix Original anime series born from the genius of Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle. The series is based on the live-action Pacific Rim films––which aren’t too bad of source materials if I do say so myself. Behind the animation, we have Polygon Pictures responsible for the daunting job of creating these robots into artistic masterpieces. However, Polygon Pictures is anything but a rookie to the game––having worked for productions of the Godzilla anime trilogy, Knights of Sidonia, and Drifting Dragons.

Has Pacific Rim: The Black been renewed for Season 2?

After quite the recent start with the streaming giant, fans of the anime will be happy to know that Pacific Rim: The Black has already been renewed for a second season. Come to think of it, when the announcement of the production of the anime was made, they made it clear that two seasons were in the works. Glad it all came to fruition, Netflix.

Around the second week of March 2021, Pacific Rim: The Black has only been premiering on the streaming giant for just under a week. However, its impact on viewership has already been outstanding, to say the least. In that time, the anime series has already made it into the top 10 lists of 26 different regions––including the United States. If anything, it actually deserves a renewal worth five seasons or something like that. You don’t see an anime series on Netflix perform that way.

What’s the story for Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2?

Well, there are a couple of questions we’d like answered about the anime. Normally, we’d like you to close your eyes for this part if you haven’t watched the first season so read at your own risk.

What is the mysterious boy?

Through the first season of the series, Boy was something enigmatic to Taylor and Hayley. He was extraordinary––able to take gunshots head-first without any signs of injury or pain. In fact, he was also able to communicate with the other Kaijus. However, all things take a 180-degree turn as it was revealed that Boy was actually a Kaiju himself while defending Hayley.

For both Taylor and Hayley, Boy is a precious friend––but that doesn’t mean he’s safe to be around with.

Will Taylor and Hayley reunite with their parents?

After seeing Hunter, the Jaeger both their parents operated, Taylor and Hayley have now regained their hope of finding their parents. Despite the absence of dead corpses inside the Jaeger, there was a video left behind by their parents stating that they had to flee because of their jammed Nuke––and there was no way they could defeat the Kaiju they were facing at the time.

The siblings will still be on the run finding their parents. The only clue they got after the first season was that their parents could be in Sydney––but nothing after that.

When is the Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 release date on Netflix?

Netflix has only renewed the series for a second season. That doesn’t mean that they already have a concrete release date. However, because the series originally had two seasons planned out, it wouldn’t be too speculative to expect that the second season of the anime is ready.

If anything, it wouldn’t be too optimistic to expect that the Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 would be premiering during the latter part of 2021––possibly during the Winter.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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