One of the Most Intense Horror Movies of the Decade is Only 1.5 Hours Long and is on Prime Video

This October there are few things more appealing than good horror cinema. From masterworks of fantasy masters to pure direct entertainment exercises that never disappoint fans. The latter category includes one of those intense experiences that you remember the first time you see them: You’re Next.

About the Film

The film that unveiled Adam Wingard as one of the most interesting names in the genre, allowing him to grow to make monumental blockbusters like Godzilla vs Kong. But before playing with giant monsters he offered us a small home invasion exercise that works in just an hour and a half and can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

The Story

The now retired Davidson couple is going to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their four children and closest friends. For the occasion they have decided to take a weekend getaway to the vacation home, located on the outskirts of the city. Their only purpose was to have a good time and catch up on family matters, but a series of sinister incidents will completely change their expectations.

When everything seems to be going according to what is expected of a family reunion, strange events begin to happen that will forever change the lives of the guests. An onslaught of arrows appears through the window, ending the lives of many of them. A series of masked assassins stalk each and every one of the visitors ruthlessly. However, to everyone’s surprise, one of the guests reveals an unusual counterattack power.

Critical Reception

Wingard urged his screenwriter to make a home invasion movie, stating that those were the only movies that really terrify him. With a combination of that, rooms full of mystery and a bit of Agatha Christie-inspired suspense, You’re Next unleashes one of the best executed tense horror exercises of the last decade and a half.

An Intense Thriller

The film is also loaded with dark humor that makes for a fairly complete movie, drawing from classics of this kind of film and bringing them to a totally modern sensibility. Wingard displays a rather striking style, which over time and experience becomes characteristic, where the visuals are able to create a tension that fractures the atmosphere.

All of this in a tidy 94 minute duration, being one of those Halloween plans that never fails. A relentless thriller that offers no respite, not even in its facet of black humor, and which became a cult hit. $26 million grossed on a budget of just $1 million, making it one of the most profitable productions in recent years. But what it will be remembered for is its unmatched potency.

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