Raised by Wolves, an HBO Max Science Fiction Series, is Going to Answer Some Concerns in Season 2

The Ridley Scott-directed epic not only shared its name with a half-decent U2 song when it initially premiered on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service in 2020, but it also prompted a slew of intriguing issues. What are the wolves’ names? Are they Mother, portrayed by Amanda Collin, and Father, played by Abubakar Salim, the androids in charge of keeping a small group of young people safe on a distant planet? Or are they the two opposing factions — atheists and Mithraics – whose battle has robbed subsequent generations of a beautiful future?

Raised By Wolves appears to be doubling down on its fondness for unexpected surprises, evolving lore, and relationship conflict. However, there are a few minor concerns for caution. Sue, played by Niamh Algar, has been pushed aside so far, as she is unhappy living with Mother and Father and unwelcome among her former Atheist friends. Then there is the quite real possibility that Raised By Wolves is preparing for another high peak act. They may have just gotten off the ground in Season 1, but by introducing additional people, threats in Season 2, they’ve made their task even more difficult. Will they be able to pull it off once more? Will they drop one of the many whirling balls they have?

Raised By Wolves is the epitome of a cult hit television show. The series’s eccentricities were accepted as beauties by those of us who liked the first season. Raised By Wolves Season 2 thus far hasn’t tried to appeal to a larger public, instead focusing on its core audience of weirdos. The new season not only feeds us, but also gorges us on tangled science fiction and crazy story twists. If you enjoyed the first season, you’ll enjoy Season 2 of Raised By Wolves even more.

In just about any event, when the first two episodes of season 2 broadcast on HBO Max on Thursday, Feb. 3, Raised by Wolves will drill down into the paradoxes of its moniker. The title of the show, according to series creator Aaron Guzikowski, is as appropriate as ever. Following that, episodes will air regularly on Thursdays.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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