The 15th Season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Premieres on Netflix Today

We’ll get to see comedy icon Charlie Day crack us once more.

The series, which began filming in Ireland in September of last year, depicts the infamous group’s journey to the Emerald Isle after Dee accepts a job there, with Dennis, Charlie, Mac, and Frank accompanying her on the journey. ‘The Gang Goes To Ireland’ and ‘The Gang Is Still In Ireland’ are the episodes for Irish audiences to look forward to in Season 15, and they are titled ‘The Gang Goes To Ireland’ and ‘The Gang Is Still In Ireland,’ respectively.

If being in Ireland wasn’t enough, the episodes will also feature an appearance by Colm Meaney, who hails from the nation. Furthermore, the Irish language makes an unexpected cameo in the framework of the series!

How has this Homebrew series, which Rob McElhenney started on a minimal budget in order for him and his friends Day and Howerton to have bigger parts than they were getting, not only persisted, but thrived? McElhenney, for one, has some thoughts, one of which is why “I honestly believe we can do the show forever,” he says.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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