‘The Walking Dead’ Star, Samantha Morton, Hospitalized with COVID-19?

The Walking Dead star Samantha Morton took it to Twitter to announce that she’s been hospitalized but is now recovering. The mysterious thing is that she didn’t specify why she was in the hospital in the first place. However, she did add hashtags such as #WearAMask and #COVID19 to her tweet last 5th of January, 2021, wherein she thanked doctors and nurses alike.

Thank you to all the A and E staff at the Conquest who helped me tonight. I’m so grateful for our NHS, to see the red zone first hand and the nurses and doctors being so kind and wonderful to us all was humbling,” the actress tweeted. “I’m ok tonight because of them,” she continued.

She continued her tweeting spree that day with two more tweets. One showing her face while wearing a mask and a face shield. After a couple of minutes, she then posted a tweet saying that she’s “on the mend.” As well as thanking those who wished her well during her fight with, assumingly, the coronavirus.

The Academy Award-nominated actress has appeared in two seasons of The Walking Dead namely the ninth and 10th seasons of the post-apocalyptic horror series. In the series, she brings the character of Alpha to life, the leader of the survivor group named The Whisperers. The group is known for wearing the faces of the undead as a means to hide from them, as well as scaring the living hell out of the audience.

Either way, we’d like to see more of Alpha in the series––as well as the group she leads, so we’re wishing you a speedy recovery, Morton!

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