Star Wars’ ‘Rogue One’: Felicity Jones Talks About Sadly Inspiring Ending

Almost five years ago, the Star Wars franchise decided to give the fans Rogue One––a film to be talked about for years to come. Gareth Edwards has done a fantastic job creating the standalone film, reserving its place in the compendium of films that made fans depressed yet inspired at the same time.

One of the main stars of the show, Felicity Jones, talked about Rogue One during her interview with The Hollywood Reporter about Netflix’s sci-fi film The Midnight Sky. Guess she just has a knack for sci-fi, eh?

There was one scene in particular where fans were mostly affected, and that’s when the final two surviving members in Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) as they have just completed their mission to transmit the plans to the Death Star to the awaiting Rebel fleet above the planet surface. With an embrace by the beachside, they meet their inevitable ends as the Galactic Empire fires a blast to Scarif––incinerating everyone.

We shot it every single evening over a week to get the right light of sunset, to get the perfect pink light, so we knew that scene inside out by the end of the week,” Jones said. “It was just amazing to see how it morphed and shifted and changed. We shot that film in a very visceral, naturalistic, gritty way, which I think is why so many people responded to it. I think they loved that it felt so real and had elements of the ’70s Star Wars films that had that similar feeling of naturalism and reality.

Nobody better could’ve put these thoughts into words than the actress herself. Meeting demise by the beachside isn’t the best way to go, but the essential beauty it brings before you pass on is as beautiful a journey ends can be.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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