The Popular Video Game ‘Halo’ will be Adapted into a Live-Action series on Paramount Plus

The live-action rendition of the popular Xbox first-person shooter game has arrived.

Halo was first announced in 2018 and was planned to premiere on Showtime in the United States. The series was switched to become a streaming exclusive on the freshly reopened Paramount Plus streaming service, where the popular franchise could help attract in new customers, after production was delayed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Halo,” one of Microsoft’s major brands, is a military-style, sci-fi/fantasy video game series that follows Master Chief John-117, one of a group of super soldiers known as the Spartans, and Cortana, his artificial intelligence companion. The original trilogy of games is set in an interplanetary conflict between humanity and the Covenant, an alien alliance.

This series, on the other hand, will have its own canon status. Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill says, “We’re referring to this as the Halo Silver Timeline as a way of differentiating it from core canon,” “In both protecting core canon and protecting the television story, and by that I mean being able to give ourselves the chance to evolve both and for both to be what they need to be for their mediums without colliding with each other.” Wolfkill states that the decision should be beneficial for both universes.

Video game adaptations have a history of being hit or miss, but for us, Halo is looking decent! Fans will have to wait a little longer to see if the program can give a great take on the source material, but the final product should stand up to the Halo moniker. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that we’ll have to wait much longer to find out.

The drama, starring Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Danny Sapani and Olive Gray as Jacob and Miranda Keyes, and Jen Taylor reprising her role as Cortana, will air on Paramount Plus next year.

Written by Dave Cunningham

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