Amazon Prime’s Last One Laughing Canada: Official Release Date

The new Prime Video Canada reality series has a brilliantly creative premise: ten Canadian comedians are locked in a room and must strive to make each other laugh. But there’s a twist: comedians who don’t laugh are eliminated.

“LOL: Last One Laughing Canada” is the most recent adaptation of “Documental,” a Japanese Amazon Original series created by and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto, in which Matsumoto leads a group of ten comedians in a “battle of laughter behind closed doors,” which has also been successful in Germany, Mexico, Spain, Australia, France, India, and Italy.

Debra DiGiovanni, Tom Green, Caroline Rhea, Mae Martin, Dave Foley, Jon Lajoie, Colin Mochrie, Brandon Ash Mohammed, K, and Andrew Phung are among the “Last One Laughing Canada” participants. Trevor Wilson is a writer. The six-part series, hosted by Jay Baruchel, follows ten comedians as they attempt to eliminate each other by making each other laugh (through stand-up, musical performance, improvisational comedy, and more) while not laughing themselves. The comedian that outlasts their opponents gets a $100,000 award for their favorite charity.

Erin Brock, John Brunton, and Shannon Farr serve as executive producers. The show is made in collaboration with Insight Productions.

On February 18, the first two episodes of “LOL: Last One Laughing Canada” will air, followed by two fresh episodes on February 25 and two more on March 4.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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