Apple TV+ Uploads Teaser Trailer for Highly Anticipated Sci-fi Drama Series ‘Silo’

The period between when a TV series or film is announced and when it launches can sometimes be heartbreaking, but teasers are a reason to smile as you wait further. Apple TV+ shared the official teaser for its sci-fi drama, Silo, more than a year after its principal photography started.

In May 2021, 20th Century Fox announced it to be developing a feature film, Wool (now Silo), based on Hugh Howey’s book series of the same title. The arrangements proceeded well until 2017 when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox.

Silo later shifted to Apple TV+ in May 2021, receiving a ten-episode order for the first season, with Rebecca Fergusson in the leading role. On Monday, March 6th, Apple TV+ dropped the official teaser for Silo season one via its main YouTube Channel.

What’s the Storyline of Silo?

Set in an undesirable future, Silo follows a community of 10,000 people living in a society full of rules they believe is supposed to shield them from evil.

In the community exists a large silo with many untold stories. Anyone who tries to dig deeper into the structure mysteriously ends up dead.

What Does the Teaser Reveal?

In 1 minute and 37 seconds, the recently uploaded teaser begins with people trapped underground in a silo, not knowing how long they have been there, who constructed it, and why there cannot be any life beyond the structure.

The 10,000 inhabitants only know they are safe inside the Silo while they aren’t-complicated, right? Plenty of strange things at the Silo get everyone tensed to fight for their lives. Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Who are Behind the Development of Silo for Apple TV+?

Graham Yost creates Silo, also serving as the chief producer alongside Ingrid Escajeda, Nina Jack, Fred Golan, Remi Aubuchon, Hugh Howey, Morten Tyldum who is the series director and showrunner, and Rebecca Ferguson.

The series is an AMC Studios achievement shot exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Who Will Appear in Silo Season One?

The first season of Silo brings to action the talents of Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette, Rashida Jones (Allison), Tim Robbins (Benard), David Oyelowo (Holston), Harriet Walter (Martha), and Chinaza Uche (Paul).

Other actors include Lee Drage (Franky), Shane McRae (Knox), Ferdinand Kingsley (George), Will Merrick (Danny), Iain Glen (Dr. Pete), Henry Garrett (Douglas), and Rick Gomez (Patrick).

When Should Fans Expect to Watch Silo Season One?

Alongside the official teaser, Apple TV+ also revealed the official release date of Silo to be Friday, May 5th via Twitter.

The post attracted 152K views in 5 hours, indicating that Silo is the real deal!

Written by Sarah Moore

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