‘Back to 15’: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s Coming of Age Brazilian Teen Drama Series

While there are lots of drama-comedy shows lined up on Netflix’s catalogue this month, one particular you should look out for is Back to 15, which will premiere on Friday 25 2022.

Back to 15 is an upcoming Brazilian TV series by Janaina Tokitaka based on the novel of the same title by Bruna Vieira. Dainara Toffoli and Vivi Jundi serve as the dramedy series’ co-directors.


In a nutshell, the teen series seems like 2004’s 13 Going on 30 in reverse. It follows the story of dissatisfied 30-year-old Anita, who comes by a means of traveling back to the past. She then wakes up as a 15-year-old who strives to fix the lives of those around her.

Young Anita, starring Maisa had big dreams for her future just like any red-blooded teenager. However, due to unfortunate life events, her life doesn’t turn out as anticipated by the time she’s 30. She seeks consolation in her childhood bedroom, where she wishes she could be 15 again. She is then taken back to the first day of high school, a mature 30-year-old in the body of a 15-year-old.

Cast Members

The show has its fair share of double roles as it features both adult and teen cast members, starting with Maisa Silva portraying young Anita and Camila Queiroz playing adult Anita. Amanda Azevedo plays young Luiza while Mariana Rios portrays adult Luiza. The role of Carol is filled by Klara Castanho (teenager) and Young Sardenberg (adult). Playing Joel are both Gabriel Stauffer (adult) and Antonio Carrara (teenager). João Guilherme and Bruno Monteleone portray the role of teen and adult Fabrîcio respectively.

Other roles highlighted in the series include César by Pedro Vinicius, Eduardo by Gabriel Wiedemann, Douglas by Lucca Picon, Henrique by Ciao Cabral and Vânia by Luciana Braga.

Watch the series trailer below:

Written by Sarah Moore

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