Get Your Portion of ‘Clark’ Netflix’s upcoming Crime Drama Starring Bill Skarsgård

Netflix has always delivered perfect real-life crime films despite all the challenges involved, from ensuring they don’t praise the criminal at all to displaying the intelligence required for such films.

Clark, one of Netflix’s upcoming true-life crime movies is set to appear on our screens very soon.


This upcoming Swedish crime drama revolves around the life of a legendary bank burglar, Clark Olofsson, who is also the source of the Stockholm Syndrome condition caused by Olofsson’s bond with hostages from one of his robberies in 1973.

The six-episode series will exhibit Clark’s life depicting his young self and the genesis of his criminal career back in the 1960s. Olofsson will perform a long list of legendary crimes from assault, attempted murder, robbery, and narcotics trafficking.

Jonas Åkerlund, the Director, has glorified Bill for his exemplary performance, referring to him as “The Perfect Patch” for the movie. The super-active criminal has been sentenced severally throughout his life; however, his life takes a big turn during the Norrmalmstorg’s robbery in 1973.

The hostages made friends with the detainers, especially Clark, which led to his removal from the case through this theft. Olofsson captured the media’s attention for the friendship he got from his hostages and was eventually labelled as a celebrity burglar.


Your principal cast for the show Bill Skarsgård (Clark Olofsson) is also the executive producer with the help of Åkerlund and Han Engholm.

Other characters include Sandra Ilar, Peter Viitanen, Vilhelm Blomgren, Hanna Björn, Alicia Agneson, Robin Nazari, Wilson Gonzalez, Agnes Lindström, Bolmgren Isabelle Grill and Björn Gustafsson.

Release date

The mega streaming platform hasn’t revealed the exact release date for Clark, but has announced that the long-awaited film is coming soon. You can watch the show’s trailer below:


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