Netflix’s ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ Features Karen Gillan and Lena Headey as Female Assassins

Gunpowder Milkshake releases its trailer which features three generations of assassins in an explosive night. The teaser, which stars Lena Headey and Karen Gillan as a mother-daughter assassin combo, has a lot of John Wick vibes to it, with the promise of another big action thriller arriving on Netflix this July.

Actresses Angela Bassett, Carla Gugino, and Michelle Yeoh are also shown in the trailer playing the three Librarians and members of the assassins’ sisterhood. We also get to witness Paul Giamatti as Nathan, the president of The Firm, whom the sisters must eliminate in order to protect the child. Gunpowder Milkshake promises some spectacular action moments for shootout fans, with some great set pieces teased.

Gunpowder Milkshake Plot

Scarlet was forced to abandon her daughter Sam and flee during her difficult career as a professional assassin. Despite their alienation, Sam has grown up to become a cold-blooded assassin. Sam has no choice but to go rogue after a high-stakes assignment goes awry, trapping an innocent 8-year-old girl in the heart of the gang war she has sparked. This eventually leads her back to her mother and her former hitwomen sidekicks, who band together in an avenging fight against those who have taken everything from them.

There are Gatling guns, characters jumping over counters, mysterious ancient libraries, automobile fights, and, for some reason, a shooting in a 1950s-style cafe. Of course, the fights in the film are more than just shooting. There is also some hand-to-hand combat, with at least one character charging into battle with only two hammers.

Gunpowder Milkshake is directed by Navot Papushado from a storyline he co-wrote with Ehud Lavski. It will be released on Netflix in the United States on July 14, and in cinemas throughout the world.

So if you enjoy action flicks, get your favorite snacks and snuggle in to watch Netflix’s latest release!

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