Maitreyi Ramakrishnan ‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Takes the Lead Role in ‘The Netherfield Girls’

This isn’t a drill, Jane Austen fanatics! For Netflix’s increasing romance base, another adaptation of the famous author’s work is being presented to the small screen. While we wait to see what Persuasion, starring Dakota Johnson, has to offer, we need to add another Austen-inspired film to our watch list. The Netherfield Girls are vying for the title of best teen rom-com!

The Netherfield Girls will be written and directed by Becca Gleason, who made her feature film debut with Summer ’03. The film is based on Jane Austen’s most renowned novel, “Pride and Prejudice,” which has been adapted numerous times, including one that adds flesh-eating zombies to the Victorian scenario.

The Netherfield Girls Plot and What Should We Expect

You’ve probably heard the scenario by now: an independent, headstrong young woman meets a specific proud and haughty person, gets the heady delight of hate at first sight, and gradually realizes that her initial judgment was incorrect. At this time, we can very much quote it in our sleep. In the tradition of teen comedy like Easy A and 10 Things I Hate About You, Netflix’s The Netherfield Girls has been billed as a “fresh and contemporary” take on Pride And Prejudice.

Unfortunately, no additional casting has been released, so we’ll have to wait a long to find out who Ramakrishnan’s Lizzie will be falling for (or a leading man, so they say). Hold your horses, Austen fans: casting for the film is still underway, which means that filming has yet to begin and no release date has been set.

With The Netherfield Girls becoming the second Austen-inspired film to arrive on Netflix, we wonder if the streaming service will begin to carve out a place for Austen adaptations. After all, romance is becoming an increasingly popular topic on the internet. Not to mention the fact that they already have a foot in the door with teen romcoms.

And, knowing Netflix, we have a feeling they’ll want to repeat the success of Bridgerton, their incredibly popular period drama. With that in mind, we’re anticipating a release date of Christmas 2022.

Are you getting excited for this new Netflix Rom-Com? Don’t worry, as additional news on The Netherfield Girls becomes available, we’ll keep you updated!

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