Netflix’s ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

At this point, my calendar is just full of Netflix releases. I guess it doesn’t hurt to add more, am I right? This time, it’s the special episode of the zombie horror series, Kingdom, titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North. For one, the streaming giant has finally announced the release date of what might just expand the story of the series.

What is Kingdom: Ashin of the North about?

When Kingdom released in 2019, households just couldn’t get enough of it. Not only was the production so appealing to the eyes (because, you know, K-Drama and all that), but the story of fighting zombies with strategies and little to no guns is a sight to watch. After watching Army of the Dead, Kingdom could very well be considered a palette cleanser.

Deservingly so, the series was given positive reviews and was well-loved by audiences despite being a zombie thriller in a historic setting. With fans around the world asking for more seasons, producers gave them this special episode titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North. The special episode revolves around the resurrection plant that prompted the tragic sequence of events that tear through Joseon and the plague’s mastermind, Ashin.

During the last season, Chang and Seo-bi found themselves near the Chinese border and the resurrection plant. After being told that someone from China was selling it to the locals, the last shot of Kingdom Season 2 was of Jun––who fans were quick to suspect of spreading the virus on purpose. If anything, the special episode will focus on the backstory of how this all began––from Ashin to the plant itself.

When is the release date of Kingdom: Ashin of the North?

The special episode will come as a treat, some variation of fan service, as all of us wait for the third season of Kingdom. The special episode will be released worldwide on the 23rd of July, 2021!

Kingdom: Ashin of the North special, will air July 23! Because in order to bring back the dead, there is a price to pay,” the tweet reads.

Who are attached to Kingdom: Ashin of the North?

The special episode was directed by Kim Seong-hun who was also responsible for directing the first season of the series. Kim Eun-hee, on the other hand, continues her screenplay writing after the success of the first two seasons.

Kim Eun-hee said that whatever happens in Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be important to the upcoming seasons of Kingdom. You know what, I’ll take that as a gentle reminder that more seasons of the series will come to Netflix.

Jun Ji-Hyun stars as Ahin while Byeong-eun Park stars as Min Chi Rok.

Is there a trailer for Kingdom: Ashin of the North?

Well, well, well, Kingdom fans. You’ve got to this point and here’s the last of your treats––an intense teaser. The teaser shows young Ashin inside a cave with only a torch in hand. As she navigates through the cave, she discovers strange markings on a rock with the mysterious and fabled resurrection plant. “To revive the dead, a price must be paid,” the copy reads.


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