Netflix’s ‘We the People’: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

This came as a surprise as Netflix was actually cooking up something new for the subscribers and the platform. The streaming giant released the trailer for We the People.

What is We the People all about?

We the People is an upcoming short series that combines music and animation to teach civil rights to the younger generations. With big names from the pop scene and the music industry, each individual episode of We the People focuses on a civil rights subject. Alongside the lesson, of course, is an original song and pretty creative animation.

Who are attached to We the People?

Now that you know what the series is about, I’m sure you’re curious about who these musical stars are. Well, We the People has a load of talent that includes the likes of H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Bebe Rexha, KYLE, Andra Day, the legendary Lin-Manuel Miranda, and even poet Amanda Gorman. Imagine, a series that ranges from the rapping sensations of KYLE and the poems from Amanda Gorman––now that’s something to look forward to.

Animation All-Stars Team With Obamas For Netflix Music Video Series 'We The People'

Speaking of, their songs will be about electoral systems, taxes, etc., with each episode making it a mission to provide basic information about U.S. civics.

Apart from that, the trailer has also given us a sneak peek at the unique animation of the series. Not only is it surprisingly pleasing to the eyes, but the diverse footage highlights the true creative freedom the directors and producers have for the project. It can be said that each episode has an animation style of its own––something to mirror the personality of the artists and the subjects talked about in the show. The list of directors includes Peter Ramsey, Trisha Gum, Victoria Vincent, Benjy Brooke, Mabel Ye, Tim Rauch, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Daron Nefcy, Everett Downing, and Kendra Ryan.

We the People, created by Chris Nee from Laughing Wild, also has quite the hefty list of executive producers. These include the likes of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tonia Davis, and Priya Swaminathan from Higher Ground Productions, and Kenya Barris from Khalabo Ink Society. Nee will also serve as an executive producer while Ada Chiaghana, Erynn Sampson, and PeeDee Shindell will wear their producing caps for this one.

When is the release date of We the People on Netflix?

We the People, in great streaming giant fashion, will be released on Independence Day, 4th of July, 2021. A show that educates you on the civil rights in the United States by American musicians on the day America was declared independent. Yup, nothing more American than that.

Is there a trailer and sneak peeks of We the People?

Oh, you bet there is! Check out the trailer of We the People below!

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