Netflix to Make an Adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Captain Courageous’

What gives Netflix life is its endless array of possibilities and just the right of ambition to do them. This time, they’re locked in on a modern adaptation of the classic Rudyard Kipling book, Captain Courageous––and their budget is no joke at all.

As mentioned, the movie will be based on the only source material by Rudyard Kipling. If you recognize this name, you’re either lovingly old or just like the taste of classic movies because Kipling’s books were adapted into movies in the early 1900s. The most recent theatrical release was just before the wake of the 21st century––They in 1993.

Captain Courageous is no stranger to adaptations as it was first adapted in the year 1937 by MGM alongside Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer Tracy, and Lionel Barrymore casting.

The project is describer to be:

A spoiled prep school boy is marooned in space, only to be rescued by a crew of blue-collar space voyagers who push him to see the true trials of life

The Kipling novel was released way back in 1897. The novel was about a fifteen-year-old son of a wealthy railroad magnate who gets stranded on the sea and was eventually rescued.

However, Netflix’s adaptation will be differing from a couple of plot standpoints. The character from the novel, Harvey Cheyne Jr., will be renamed Harvey Newson in the adaptation.

This will be a project under an output deal between the streaming giant and Screen Arcade. Joining their projects on the platform with the likes of Project PowerBright 2Three MusketeersBlue Thunder, and Mimi from Rio which is reportedly under development.

Back in 2018, Matthew Sand said that he was working on a project with the streamer as indicated in the hashtags he used. Known for Deepwater Horizon, Sand is one of the writers of the project. Alongside him is Maze Runner‘s T.S. Nowlin who will also be serving his talents as a writer.

Andrew Gunn, Scott Morgan, and Bryan Unkeless will be serving as producers of the project which is estimated to have a budget of around $100 million.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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