Netflix’s ‘Toy Boy Season 2’ is Officially Out

The drama of the Spanish Magic Mike like strippers continues to unfold in the second run of Toy Boy on Netflix. All eight episodes of the second season of the sexual thriller series dropped on Netflix on Friday, February 11, and they pack more sex, more drama and more hot male bods.

What Unfolds in Toy Boy Season 2?

The show’s lead, Hugo Beltrán, a young stripper, has so far been able to find his alibi for the murder of Philip Norman. However, the enemies he surmounted in the previous season now want him to pay his dues.

Triana faces death because of the bombing, and Hugo is on the hunt to find whoever did it. Stay tuned to find out who it was.

Though the Medina and the Rojas seemed to have buried the hatchet, their wounds are still fresh. Benigna takes on the role of keeping the Medina-Rojas from blowing up, pending the retirement of Commissioner Zapata. Meanwhile, Macarena joins a rehab facility to curb her sex addiction.

The Toy Boys join the One Percent Striptease club in Marbella on hearing rumors that Triana’s murder is connected with the club. As a result, the Toy Boys want to uncover the truth.

The Italian brothers who run One Percent, El Turco and Rania, strive to keep their club’s secrets hidden. All this and then some could set up the plot for season 2.

Who Appears in Toy Boy Season 2?

The show’s season 2 sees a return of several of the previous season’s characters including Jesús Mosquera as Hugo Beltrán González. The following are other cast members featured in season 2: Cristina Castaño as Macarena Medina de Solís, María Pedraza as Triana Marín, José de la Torre as Iván, Carlo Costanzia as Jairo, Raudel Raúl Martiato as Germán and Juanjo Almeida as Andrea Norman Medina.

Other new members include Álex González, Federica Sabatini, Pedro Casablanc, María Pujalte, Adelfa Calvo, José Manuel Seda and Miriam Díaz Aroca.

Appearing towards the end of the season are Enrique Arce, Paco Marín, Ibrahim Al-Shami, Toni Zenet, Juan Betancourt and Maxi Iglesias.


The team behind Toy Boy season 2 production consists of Cesar Benitez, Juan Carlos Cueto and Rocio Martinez Llano serving as creators. The Spanish production company Plano a Plano made the series.

Watch Toy Boy season 2 Netflix trailer below:

Written by Sarah Moore

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