Chloe Okuno’s Netflix Serial Killer Drama ‘Rodney & Sheryl’ Features Anna Kendrick as Lead

Rodney & Sheryl, a movie based on the true story of serial killer Rodney Alcala is set to star the Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick. Alcala who competed on and won a date on the popular TV game show The Dating Game in 1978 was in the middle of a murder spree at the time. Cheryl Bradshaw, the contestant, will be played by Kendrick.

Chloe Okuno: An up-and-coming Horror Director

The rights to Ian MacAllister McDonald’s Black List script recently acquired by Netflix will be directed by Chloe Okuno.

Chloe Okuno is a horror newcomer. She’s working on a Stephen King adaptation for A24, and she just wrapped pandemic primary photography on Spooky Pictures’ full-length feature Stranger. Rodney & Sheryl, a true-crime drama starring Kendrick and directed by Okuno for Netflix, portrays Kendrick as a lady who chose a real-life serial killer on TV’s “The Dating Game.”

A Glimpse on the True-Crime Story

Alcala had murdered five people and had been convicted of the attempted murder of a 12-year-old child at the time, but he was allowed to appear on the show since background checks weren’t as common back then. Bradshaw went out on a date with Alcala, but she was turned off by his “strange vibe.” In 1980, he was condemned to death for a murder, and detectives discovered evidence in a storage locker, including hundreds of images of women, children, and boys, as well as keepsakes thought to be from victims. When California declared a moratorium on death penalty cases in 2019, Alcala’s execution was postponed, and he remains in jail in Corcoran, CA. He is suspected of killing up to 130 individuals, according to detectives.

The Dating Game’s episode can still be found on the internet, with unsettling snatches of Bradshaw asking dating questions like, “I’m serving you for dinner.” What is your name, and how do you look?” “I’m dubbed the banana, and I look good,” Alcala replied. “Could you be a little more specific?” Bradshaw enquired of Alcala. He said, “Peel me,” and the audience laughed.

Are you a fan of true-crime films and series? Then, you might like this new Netflix original on the way! Stay tuned for more information regarding the film.

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