Netflix & Legendary to Bring Out ‘Skull Island’ and ‘Tomb Raider’ Anime Series

After that epic brawl between Godzilla and King Kong, how could you not want more of these 300-foot beasts in your life? Not to worry, Netflix and Legendary Television are on their way to creating the expansion of Skull Island, but they’re also bringing you an expanded Tomb Raider universe in the form of two upcoming anime series.

Skull Island will be the newest chapter of Legendary Television’s franchise. Obviously, it shares the name with Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ 2017 film, Kong: Skull Island. Completely related, the anime series will be following the shipwrecked characters who are escaping from the island of prehistoric creatures––including King Kong itself.

Underwater and The Babysitter‘s very own Brian Duffield will be writing and executive producing Skull Island alongside Jacob Robinson who will executive produce under his company, Tractor Pants. Powerhouse Animation is the animation studio behind the anime series. Considering their past works in Castlevania and Blood of Zeus––the series is in very good hands.

As for the Tomb Raider anime series, it will be following the ever-so-popular video game. The story will revolve around where the video game reboot trilogy last left off and follows Lara Croft 25 years after the first game. Unsurprisingly, the video game franchise has resurrected through numerous movies, comic books, and even shirts and other merchandise.

Tomb Raider will be written by The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s Tasha Huo and alongside him will be Stephan Bugaj, Howard Bliss, and dj2 Entertainment Founder and CEO, Dmitri Johnson. Jacob Robinson will also be involved in the making of the series under Tractor Pants.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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