Somebody Somewhere: New Indie-Com Series Drops HBO Max Today

Bridget Everett couldn’t be more thrilled to star in HBO Max’s coming of middle age show, Somebody Somewhere that premieres on Sunday, January 16 2022.

Where Do You Know Bridget Everett From?

The 49-year-old singer, actress, and stand up comedian is recognized for her consistent roles in HBO’s Camping and Netflix’s Lady Dynamite. She is also known for her stand-up performance in the Inside Amy Schumer show.

What Role Will Everett Play in Somebody Somewhere?

In this series, Everett plays the role of Sam, a Kansan struggling to fit in her hometown. Sam struggles with accepting loss and finds out that singing is her therapy. As she undertakes a journey of self-discovery, she gets connected with a community of “outcasts”, who are persistent despite struggling to fit in.

The series proves that anyone can find their people and their voice, regardless of where they are.

Other Cast Members

Joining Everett is an amazing cast of talented actors consisting of Jeff Hiller as Joel, Mike Hagerty as Ed Miller, Danny McCarthy as Rick, Mary Catherine Garrison as Tricia Miller, Murray Hill as Fred Rococo, Jon Hudson Odom as Michael, Kailey Albus as Shannon, Jane Brody as Mary Jo and Rammel Chan as Chase.

Other supporting roles include, Drew played by Brian King, Charity played by Heidi Johanningmeier, Irma by Meighan Gerachis, Randy by Joe Dempsey, The Wiz by John Gawlik and Trucker by Blain Smith.

A Glimpse Into The Series

The show’s first episode, titled BFD, drops on Sunday, January 16, and it showcases a devastated and baffled Sam struggling to cope with the news of her sister Holly’s death. She finds herself surprisingly connected with her colleague Joel who further consoles her after Sam feuds with her other sister Tricia.

The second episode will premiere a week later, on Sunday, January 23. While we don’t know how the story unfolds in this episode, its title will be Knick-Knacks and Doodads.

Hopefully, the show’s official trailer will help you get a head start. Watch below:

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