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5 Movies Based on PlayStation Games are Now in Production

After cementing itself as the pioneering titan of the gaming industry, Sony has been expanding its horizons. Sony started the PlayStation 1 back in 1994, and who would’ve thought today the PlayStation 5 would not only be hailed as the best gaming console, but also probably the most famous device to be made.

Gaming has been on a high-rise ever since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era. The PlayStation 4 furthermore established the tech and gaming category as one that is counted among those with the highest annual gross. These past few years Sony has released one banger after the other, its first party IPs making sales worth billions of dollars. With this much success, it was only a matter of time before Sony greenlit other projects.

Playstation xbox
Image: TechRadar

Sony’s Expansion towards Live-Action

It was made official sometime ago that many of Sony’s IPs were in talks for a live-action adaptation.

Every confirmed and rumoured PlayStation TV series and Movie in production is as follows:

God of War – Amazon Prime TV series

God of War Amazon Prime Series
Image: MASGamers

The hard hitting mythology title also has a series under production at the moment by Amazon Prime.

Getting to see Kratos’ (God of War) story will be a blast, will it be the revenge saga against his most hated foe- his father Zeus, or will it be the tale of fatherhood we see Kratos embrace in the recent Norse mythology. One thing is for sure, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Gran Turismo Motor Sport- TV Show

Gran Turismo Series
Image: PlayStation Studios

Rumours suggest a Movie or TV series is being adapted, the production company still remains unknown but our money is on Paramount+. It’ll be very interesting to see high-budget race cars in action, especially when it comes down to the sharpest turns.

Horizon Zero Dawn- Netflix Series

Image: Gamingbible

One shocking news was about Horizon Zero Dawn, which is that Netflix’s has a series for it in pre-production. No info has been revealed about who’ll play Aloy, but doesn’t Katherine Langford seems like a good fit?

Ghost of Tsushima – Movie

Ghost of Tsushima Movie
Image: GamingBible

The Samurai slasher has undoubtedly become one of PlayStation’s most prized games, with a sequel almost all but confirmed. A movie is rumoured to be in development which is going to be directed by the “John Wick” series’ Chad Stahelski.

The Last of Us – HBO Max Series

The Last of us series HBO
Image: HBO

It was announced that a “The Last of Us” series is in development at HBO. We got a look at some photos in which Pedro Pascal was hiding from a clicker. Hopefully the series is as good as the game.

One thing that is really fascinating is that, Sony’s approach to all this. One series is being developed by Netflix, the other by Amazon Prime, and another by HBO! Every single major network is going to collaborate with Sony. This seems to be a really big step forward for the franchises, as well as Sony.

Fast first-class racing in Gran Turismo, the call of the wild in Horizon Zero Dawn, and the exceptionally refreshing take on the zombie apocalyptic genre in The Last of Us, all three will stun Hollywood to its core.

Any Release Date? Thoughts?

When it comes to me, a hard-core PlayStation fan whose played every AAA game, I’m sure that these series will be masterpieces if they are done the same justice as with the games. This’ll be a big leap that’ll showcase how videogames have evolved into artworks, and how these artworks can shine in both the gaming, as well as the film industry.

Playstation HBO
Image: The Streamable

Did you know that it has been reported that Marvel has a Thunderbolts adaptation in development?




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