‘The Crown’ Puts Warnings Before Episodes Portraying Princess Diana’s Eating Disorder

As far as disturbing content goes, Netflix takes The Crown to the next level––that’s why the streaming giant has opted to put warnings at the start of the episodes because images of Princess Diana’s suffering from bulimia may cause discomfort to some of their audiences.

With the series’ awaited season renewal on the 15th of November, 2020, the royal drama will be seeing the Princess develop her eating disorder soon after getting engaged to Prince Charles.

As her marriage is crumbling in front of her hands, Diana (played by Emma Corrin) is seen vomiting into a toilet on a number of occasions. So, thank Netflix for a quick heads up if your stomach can’t take that much.

The warning will be seen at the beginning of three of ten installments and all three will be covering the period from 1979 to 1990.

The warning states: “The following episode includes scenes of an eating disorder which some viewers may find troubling. Viewers discretion is required.

One TV Insider said that this was “an unprecedented move by the creators of the drama.” Adding also that the streamer isn’t new to disturbing scenes––considering they’ve been releasing “scenes of war, a suicide bid, and will even include a terrorist attack in the new series.

But they have never chosen to issue a warning over these potentially disturbing images. It’s a reflection of how explicit the imagery is and how sensitively they are treating it,” they added.

In the upcoming season, viewers will be able to tell that Princess Diana is getting more miserable as each episode passes after her moving into the Bucking Palace. There will be scenes wherein Diana will be eating tons of pudding only to turn on the tap water to mask her vomiting.

A Netflix spokeswoman stated: “The Crown producers worked closely with the eating disorder charity, BEAT, to ensure that their portrayal of Princess Diana’s bulimia was both accurate to the disorder and sensitively handled.

When viewers watch the series on Netflix they will see warning cards at the beginning of the episodes giving details of how to seek help if required.

Here’s the trailer for The Crown‘s newest season!

Written by Hailey van Braam

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