Will There be ‘Black Summer’ Season 3?

The second season of Black Summer has finally come to an end after a two-year wait. When Black Summer premiered in 2019, it was a huge smash for Netflix, but there was no word about a second season for a time. That all changed in June 2021, when the (unofficial) Z-Nation prequel was unexpectedly reborn. Now, fans are hoping for a third season of the Z-Nation prequel. It’s still early, but we’re waiting on Netflix to make a decision on Black Summer‘s destiny.

Black Summer Season 2 Recap and Highlights (Spoilers Ahead!)

The show revolves around Rose (Jaime King) — a mother who joins a group of other survivors in the search for her daughter Anna (Zoe Marlett). Death has been a persistent menace in Black Summer since the outset. Whether it’s zombies, military, or other people, Rose and her friends have to deal with a tough environment, one where everyone, including the main characters, can perish. What is a zombie show without blood and guts, after all?

Rose, Anna, and the other survivors spent the majority of the second season trying to figure out where the mystery plane that had been dropping supplies in the area came from. From there, it was discovered that Rose, Anna, Spears, and Sun had been separated for a few months after being attacked by Ray Nazeri’s team. Rose abandoned Spears after he was shot, and Sun was apprehended when she stayed behind to shove Spears into a ditch in the hopes that he might live.

Survivors were having an even harder time finding supplies in the dead of winter. When diverse groups came into contact with each other, it caused tension, disputes, and a lot of deaths. After being led to an abandoned ski lodge by Boone, Rose and Anna experienced a moment of respite. Anna, on the other hand, had little time to relax since she was continuously on alert, expecting danger around every turn. Spears, who had made it to the lodge before succumbing to his infected gun wound, would be reunited with the pair. Unfortunately, this would be Spears’ final act, as his wound had been slowly killing him for some time, prompting Anna to end his suffering.

In the end, all of the groups we’d been following throughout the season converged on the air strip, but nearly everyone died as a result. We’re left with an injured Rose and Ray, as well as Anna, who is stuck in a functional automobile, unsure of what to do.

What Should We Expect in Season 3?

Only three of the four main characters made it through the season. Spears (Justin Chu Cary) is left for dead in a ditch, but he manages to get up and go away. Then, in the lodge where she and Rose are hiding, Anna euthanizes him. Kyungsun is able to board a plane, but Anna and Rose are unable to do so. Following an explosion, Rose is severely injured and isolated from her daughter once more. She’s also still tussling with Ray (Bobby Naderi). Season 3 will most likely take up where season 2 left off, following the main protagonists as they try to reorganize, or at the very least survive long enough to seek aid.

Season 3 will surely feature a slew of new characters, thanks to the deaths of Spears and other characters introduced earlier in the season. And there will be a lot more death. So, are you excited about the show’s 3rd rundown? Let us know in the comments!

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