‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Voice Cast Talks About Netflix Live-Adaptation During Reunion

Talk about an all-star reunion, eh? The voice cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender reunited (virtually, of course) on Saturday evening to talk about the Nickelodeon series’ legacy that bookmarked childhoods all around the world when it left the air (get it?) a dozen years ago. Included in the virtual reunion was the show’s voice director, Andrea Romano, who said that the style of animation of the series became a respected art form in the kids’ programming industry.

Sure, there were a handful of series that boasted the same anime style, but Romano said that what let those down was because the “voice-work was God-awful.” Of course, the Avatar reunion also became a platform to talk about the live-action version reboot for Netflix that eventually lost the interest of DiMartino Bryan Konietzko.

Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of Appa and Momo (yes, they have voices, too), said:

I just don’t know how you fulfill that any better than this show did. I’m open to whatever they do with the live-action series, which I know nothing about, but it’s like, ‘Well, how do you do this better than the way that it was rendered on this show?’ I don’t know how you do that! I hope you can.

Olivia Heck, the voice of Ty Lee, added:

Especially when you’re doing the exact same series, but as a live-action,she said. “You’re not adding onto it or expanding the universe. You’re doing the same thing, which feels redundant, but I don’t know. I’m not saying anything.

All three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender and all four seasons of The Legend of Korra are available to stream on Netflix! It also has Shyamalan’s film adaptation of the series, but see for yourself if it’s good enough for your liking.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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