He’s Back! David Lynch Reportedly Working on ‘Wisteria’ Coming to Netflix!

World-renowned director, David Lynch, has been out of the spotlight for quite some time––more than a decade to be exact. Since 2006’s Inland Empire, he’s only done two outstanding projects in 2017’s Twin Peaks season and his short film in 2019’s What Did Jack Do?

This year, however, his black-and-white animated short film Fire (Pozar) has seen the limelight during its premiere.

The time has come for Lynch to come back to his most esteemed of seats. Reports have indicated that the director is working on a new project alongside Netflix. The project is currently titled Wisteria.

According to reports, the newest series will be written and directed by Lynch alongside his frequent partner for projects in Sabrina S. Sutherland to produce.

Production Weekly has also made reports that the upcoming project will be starting its first phase of shooting in May 2021.

Lynch has also hinted that if the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t happen, he would probably be working towards a new film.

Though Lynch proves to be a busy man nowadays, he doesn’t forget about the people who have continuously supported the cause. The David Lynch Foundation has announced further details about their virtual benefit concert happening next months with performances from Sting, Elvis Costello, Kesha, and Graham Nash.

Titled ‘Meditate America,’ the concert will also be boasting a feature from Hugh Jackman and Katy Perry––tackling the topics of meditation and motherhood.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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