Shed a Tear? Netflix Animated Film ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ Becomes a TikTok Challenge

Netflix and TikTok don’t really mesh well together, but in some instances, it’s the perfect combo. One of those instances is the streaming giant’s If Anything Happens I Love You and its ability to make anyone cry.

That’s the challenge; participating TikTokkers are to take a video of themselves before and after watching the 12-minute black-and-white short. Who would’ve known that 12 minutes of watching a black-and-white animated film would bring out so many emotions? Classic Mickey Mouse would’ve rebelled.

Currently, the “#IfAnythingHappensILoveYou” hashtag has already accounted for over 30 million views on TikTok. Without spoiling what happens in the story, the challenge revolves around how the viewer feels after watching the animated short. Some TikTokkers seemed to have some type of cathartic response while others didn’t get a hold of their tears in the end.

Laura Dern, the executive producer of the short film, stated:

“They [directors] were able to capture the theme of grief in a way that transcended animation and transcended film which is so rare to experience.”

“Jayme Lemons and I wanted to leap on board as executive producers and support [writers and directors] Michael Govier and Will McCormack in any way we could to have as many people as possible experience the film, not just because we love the film, but we are also involved in Everytown for Gun Safety,” Dern added.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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