‘Eden’: Netflix’s First Original Japanese Anime, Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

I can’t lie. My pandemic consisted of sleep, eating, and a whole lot of anime––it’s the rage these days. Netflix has a wide array of original animes in its catalog with the likes of Castlevania and Pacific Rim: The Black––both amazing stories and boast stunning animations.

The streaming giant’s original animes are adopted from American shows, but that doesn’t discredit Netflix’s take on the catalog. Audiences do enjoy the imported Japanese hits like Attack on TitanHaikyuu, and more. This time, the streaming giant is ready to bloom. Eden serves as the first fully-fledged original Japanese anime of the streaming giant––and here’s everything you need to know about the long-overdue authentic anime series.

What is Eden all about?

Eden, set in the very distant future, revolves around a world where humans have ceased to exist and, for thousands of years, robots rule the world. That’s supposed to be what it is if it weren’t for Sara, a loud and excited human girl who was secretly raised by robots A37 and E92 after they found her frozen body in Eden 3.

As Sara grew older and more familiar with her surroundings, she starts to realize how darkly secretive the world has been––most especially when the robots discover her existence and plan to take her out. Together with her robot parents, Sara seeks to find out where she truly came from. In a world full of robots and advanced technology, will she finally be able to learn how and what it means to be a human?

Who are attached to Eden?

As a full-on Japanese anime, of course, the series needs a Japanese voice cast. This cast includes:

  • Marika Kouno as Sara
  • Kyōko Hikami as A37
  • Kentarō Itō as E92
  • Kōichi Yamadera as Zero

Netflix being Netflix, the anime series will also have an English dub. In the dub, there are big names like:

  • Ruby Rose Turner as Sara
  • David Tennant as E92
  • Rosario Dawson as A37
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Zero
  • Cassandra Lee Morris as Zurich
  • Julie Nathanson as Geneve

As for who are behind the camera, Ghost in the Shell 2‘s Justin Leach created the series while Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‘s (my personal bias of an anime) Yasuhiro Irie directed all four of the episodes.

When is the release date of Eden on Netflix?

Eden will be making its debut on the streaming on the 27th of May, 2021 as announced during AnimeJapan 2021.

Originally, the anime was supposed to hit Netflix in late 2020, but because of the pandemic, there were delays in the process of the release and production.

Is there a trailer for Eden?

There was a brief teaser in October that was supposed to be a build-up for the late 2020 release. However, in May 2021, Netflix got their stuff together and released a full-length awesome trailer. Watch it below!

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