Rosario Dawson Returns To Her Roll of Ashoka Tano: ‘The Force Was at Play’

Disney have revealed Rosario Dawson will be reprising the role of Ahsoka Tano in a new series set to hit Disney+ in December 2021

There’s no denying Ahsoka Tano kicked some serious butt in her arrival on the scene as a live-action character in The Mandalorian. Fans are delighted to hear that the action is set to continue.

Lovers of the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars have followed Tano’s journey from a 14-year-old padawan of Anakin Skywalker to a fearsome Jedi Knight. In Chapter 13 of bounty-hunter-turned-babysitter hit The Mandalorian, we see an older Tano, jaded, but still full of the sass and aggressive lightsabre style that made her so popular with fans. 

41-year-old Rosario Dawson told Vanity Fair it felt like “The Force was at play” in her decision to be cast as the character, as Tano made the jump from animation to live-action. 

The idea first came about when she retweeted a message from a fan who said that she would be perfect for the role, which eventually made its way onto the radar of Mandalorian director and producer, Jon Favreau

Set in the same timeline as The Mando, fans are speculating that the new series will see Ahsoka, who previously denounced the Jedi Order, hunting down Imperial officer Grand Admiral Thrawn – another character making the leap from with her from The Clone Wars cartoon.

Star Wars veteran Dave Filoni takes up directing duties, a man who has had an influential hand in sculpting the path of the character from animated series to feature film to full 1080p in-the-flesh action. Some keen-eyed fans may have even spotted Filoni as an X-wing pilot in a recent Mando episode.

With someone so rooted in the characters past at the driving seat for this project, it’s sure to please fans of the source material, and running alongside Rangers of The New Republic, there are rumours that the events in all three series are set to overlap at some point within the Star Wars Universe.

We are definitely about to see a whole lot more duel-wield lightsaber action coming to our screen soon.


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