Scott Kreamer on ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ Ending and Season 3

Like we’ve previously talked about Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and the likelihood of a third season, season 2 has left us with a banging cliffhanger. As Darius (Paul-Mikél Williams) and his camper friends endure Isla Nubar, the group including Mitch (Bradley Whitford) and Tiff (Stephanie Beatriz) are doing their bests to survive what seems to be a fight against all odds––dinosaurs that are seeking for dinner.

In an interview between SYFY Wire and executive producer Scott Kreamer, the world of the Netflix sci-fi series has somehow been brought to light––especially the ending. If you aren’t ready to stomach spoilers, then I’d suggest not reading further.

When asked about the expectancy of a wild ending, Kreamer said that they “wanted to do something with some big game hunters and so that all kind of happened organically,” he stated. “…It just started to unveil itself to us in the writers’ room,” Kreamer continued.

Part of the thing that people responded to in the first season was the fact that there were deaths. Well, we weren’t necessarily going to have one of our kids get eaten in Season 2, so it was nice being able to bring in some people who, whether heroically or not, meet their demise at the jaws of a dinosaur.

One of the more confident things the teams have done is to end the season with a cliffhanger. Considering that this is one of DreamWorks’ last projects, it’s scary to think that they might leave us hanging. However, Kreamer did say that the move was “a little hopeful.”

When asked about taking a swing at a third season, he said:

So yeah, maybe we took a swing there. But that just felt like if this season’s about trying to get rescued, these kids, as they’ve grown together as a team, it seems the natural progression of things to have enough of waiting for help. We’ve got to help ourselves.

Written by Dave Cunningham

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