Christmas Romcom Movie ‘A Castle for Christmas’ is Now on Netflix

Grab your blanket and hot chocolate and prepare to take a virtual trip to the Scottish countryside with Netflix’s new Christmas movie A Castle for Christmas.

The Mary Lambert Romcom production has been dropped on Netflix on 26th November 2021. Running for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, the film features a top author who previously wrote 11 successful books escaping to Scotland to get away from negative press after her recent book flop. She lands her grandfather’s palace that she used to visit when she was a little girl. Though the palace is available for purchase, the author has to deal with the annoying Scottish duke who possesses it.

Watch the trailer today to find out if this romantic holiday movie is a must-watch or pass for you.

The Movie’s Cast

At the top of the film’s cast is two 80s classic actors Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as Myles, the Scottish duke and Brooke Shields (Sahara) as Sophie Brown, the book author. Other actors include Vanessa Grasse starring as Lexi, Eilidh Loan playing Rhona, Lee Ross playing the role of Thomas, Brooke Shields starring as Sophie Brown, Joe McKay portraying the part of Rhona’s boyfriend, Suanne Braun as Mrs D Andi, Tina Gray playing the part of Helen, Mark Fleischmann as Frank Deluca, Stephen Oswald playing the role of Angus, Andi Osho as Maisie and Holly Woodhouse as Angry Sophie Brown fan.


The movie already has two critical reviews, including one from a top critic.
Lisa Kennedy, a top critic from New York Times wrote, “Likeable stars with little frisson, Elwes and Shields are also saddled with a formulaic script.”
Shawn Edwards from Fox 4 Kansas City also wrote, “Predictable but fun…”

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