Will “Bodies” See a Season 2 on Netflix?

“Bodies” has emerged as one of Netflix’s standout productions, captivating viewers with its intriguing storyline: a single body discovered by four detectives across different eras spanning three centuries. After binging its initial eight episodes, fans are eagerly speculating about a potential second season. The series creator, Paul Tomalin, has spoken out about the show’s future.

A Standalone Series

The eight episodes of “Bodies” revolve around one body found by different detectives in the years 1890, 1941, and 2023 in London. This sci-fi thriller, which features Stephen Graham (known for “This is England”), captured significant attention after its October 19th debut on the streaming platform, thanks to its fusion of genres.

In a recent conversation with Hello, Tomalin clarified that he initially crafted “Bodies” to function as a self-contained series. This means it was designed with a clear beginning, middle, and definitive end. “We approached Netflix with the mindset, ‘this series is a one-season deal; we want a complete wrap-up,’ mainly because when you start with such a groundbreaking concept, you risk distancing your audience if you don’t provide closure,” he explained.

No Loose Ends

For Tomalin, it was crucial not to leave any unresolved threads in “Bodies.” He expressed his personal aversion to the unsettling uncertainty viewers feel when a series ends with a significant cliffhanger, leaving them with more questions than answers. This sentiment seemingly rules out any chance of a second season for the series on Netflix.

Cast Willingness for a Return

However, there’s a glimmer of hope from the cast. Amaka Okafor, who plays Shahara Hasan in the series, revealed to Digital Spy her enthusiasm about returning, stating, “I would love to reprise the role.” Yet, as things stand, despite its notable success on Netflix, “Bodies” isn’t slated for more episodes.

Written by Sarah Moore

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