Cybercriminals are Capitalizing on Netflix Offers to Hijack Your Account

Watch out! An offer that seems too good to be true should make you winch.

As streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus have become popular platforms to watch films and TV shows, online hackers are taking advantage of this to manipulate naïve consumers to give up their account credentials or sign up for non-existent services

Kaspersky warns of the increasing number of streaming service impersonators who trick users to issue their credit card or bank details. Such scammers may even threaten to block access to your existing subscription if you don’t give out your information to ‘renew’ your account.

Avoid clicking on links sent to your email and visit Netflix’s official website instead. Some online schemers may threaten to put your account on hold unless you click on a button that they have marked for you. Avoid this at all costs.

Another way to identify such fishy attempts is misspelt words and non-official signatures that don’t belong to the streaming company.

Even worse, cybercriminals have started using popular films to lure fans to click their link that channels to a fake website. They then trap you with a low-subscription streaming service to continue watching the film, which prompts you to hand over your payment details and email address.

These online scammers even sell account credentials on the Dark Web. That way you’ll find that your credentials are being used by unrecognizable parties for which you’ll have to wait for them to finish watching a show or movie before you can.

To further prevent falling victim to such online scams, use separate passwords for each of your online accounts and most importantly if the deal seems too sweet, there’s nothing good at the end of the line.

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Written by Ralph Glorioso

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