Euphoria will Return to HBO Max for the Second Season

The hit TV show, which followed a group of teens as they fought with drugs, love, social networking, and money, soared to fame after the success of its first season. 

The boundary-pushing teen drama “Euphoria” (Jan. 9) is finally returning for its second season, some two and a half years after its first season aired (two specials bridged the gap between seasons). 

COVID-19 thrown a spanner in the production’s plans to release the second season a year after the first season’s buzzy ending in August 2019, but things are looking up.

Rue (Emmy winner Zendaya) will continue to struggle with drug addiction, mental illness, and the search for healthier relationships in Season 2, with ex-girlfriend Jules (Hunter Schafer) still present. It’s not always easy or enjoyable to watch, but its unvarnished portrayal of modern adolescent life is always riveting.

What happened near the end of the first season of Euphoria? 

Rue relapsing (in a surreal musical sequence); Jules leaving for the big city; Kat and Ethan getting together at the winter formal; Cassie seeking an abortion; and Maddy stealing an incriminating CD from Nate’s room that could expose Nate’s father were all featured in the final episode of season one, titled “And Salt the Earth Behind You.”

Season 2 will have how many episodes? 

The second season is expected to have eight episodes, which is the same as the first. The new season follows the two bonus episodes from last year, which focused on Rue and Jules and aired in December 2020 and January 2021, respectively.

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