You Can Now Stream ‘The Fallout’ Film on HBO Max

The Fallout is a high school drama movie that deals with a teenager’s emotional distress after a school shooting. Though the film debuted on March 17 2021, it was finally released on HBO Max on Thursday, January 27 2022.

A day after its premiere on the streaming platform, Jenna Ortega, the movie’s breakout star, shared the news on Twitter. Her post reads, “THE FALLOUT is now streaming on @hbomax. Thank you, writer/director Megan Park, the wonderful cast and crew who handled this film with care and all those who decide to watch. Special thanks to Vada.”

The Fallout’s Acclaims

The Fallout saw Megan Park’s directorial debut, so she must be over the moon over critics’ acclaim of the film, praising the directing and screenplay as well as Ortega’s exceptional performance. The movie received 84% Metacritic reviews, 92% Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.2/10 score on IMDb. A top critic described the film as a gift that allows one to tear up and let go. Other top critics lauded Megan Park’s writer-director performance.

The Fallout’s Plot

Ortega plays a level-headed 16-year-old, Vada, who during her school’s shooting, hides in the bathroom with Mia (Maddie Ziegler) and Quinton (Niles Fitch). The shared incidence bonds Vada with Mia and Quinton as they form intense yet confusing connections. However, Vada starts to drift from her best friend Nick (Will Ropp), her younger sister Amelia (Lumi Pollack) and her parents (John Oritz and Julie Bowen). Nick, who channelled his grief into activism, doesn’t relate to why Vada wouldn’t do the same.

In Other Ortega News

Ortega has her work cut out for her as she stars in Tim Burton’s Addams Family Spinoff series Wednesday that showcases Wednesday Addams’ experience at Nevermore Academy. The series will debut anytime this year. Who else better to step into the role of Wednesday than the coming-of-age Ortega!

Written by Sarah Moore

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