Hulu’s ‘The Great’ Season 3 Gets Release Date & First-Look Image

After two seasons of pure greatness, Hulu has finally revealed the official release date and first-look image of The Great season three.

The news was posted on Hulu’s leading Twitter Channel on March 1st, attracting 37.8K views within that short period.

When Did The Great First Premiere on Hulu?

In August 2018, it was announced that Hulu had offered a pilot order to The Great, followed by a series order in February 2019. The show landed on the streamer in May 2020 for the first season, while the second instalment arrived in November 2021.

Hulu renewed The Great for the third season in January 2022, a year and a month ago, before providing it with an official release date. The season began filming six months after its July renewal and wrapped up in December 2022.

Besides the extended wait for the third season, The Great has been performing tremendously, with an 8.2/10-star rating on IMDb and a 94% average Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes.

What’s The Great Season 3 About?

The Great is a historical fiction and comedy-drama based on the rise of the 1762-1796’s Russian Empress, Catherine the Great.

Seasons one and two fictionalize Catherine’s youthful years, followed by her marriage to a Russian Emperor, Peter III. The Great generally concentrates on Catherine’s plot to murder her vicious husband.

While Hulu hasn’t provided the official synopsis for the upcoming season of The Great, it will most likely focus on Catherine’s relationship with her baby and husband as she strives to build a foundation for the title.

Who are the Series Makers?

The Great is written and chiefly produced by Tony McNamara as an adaptation of his 2008’s play of the same title.

Other top producers are Josh Kesselman, Ron West, Andrew Spaulding, Doug Mankoff, Brittany K. Ward, Mark Winemaker, Marian Macgowan, Nicholas Hoult, and Elle Fanning.

The show is a co-production of MRC Television, Civic Center Media, Macgowan Films, Lewellen Pictures, Echo Lake Entertainment, and Thruline Entertainment.

Who is Likely to Return in The Great Season Three?

Although Hulu hasn’t confirmed the cast for The Great season three, Elle Fanning will most likely reprise her pivotal role as Queen Catherine while Nicholas Hoult joins her as the complicated husband, Peter.

Besides the leading pair, their close ones who are expected to make a return, including Phoebe Fox (Marial), Florence K-Roach (Tatyana), Bayo Gbadamosi (Arkady), Douglas Hodge (General Velementov), and Charity Wakefield (Georgina).

When Should Fans Expect to Stream The Great Season Three?

The Great season three will be launched on Sunday, May 12th, 2023, with ten amazing episodes.

In the meantime, fans should stay attuned to the official synopsis, teaser, or trailer while waiting for the big date.


Written by Sarah Moore

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